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Breastfeeding & Scents

Breastfeeding & Scents

Just some interesting findings and thoughts on something I discovered today while nursing my daughter…

A while ago before I was pregnant and winter had started, I purchased some L’Occitane hand lotions because my skin was feeling super SUPER dry and I wanted to indulge in some toiletries and you know – relieve my dry skin but also buy cosmetics in cute Holiday packaging so I kind of stocked up on these lotions and got a bottle for the bathroom, the kitchen, a tube for my backpack, etc. the ones I bought are the cocoa butter original scent so pretty basic, but the further I got in my pregnancy the more aversions to scents I developed. So I didn’t end up using the hand lotions for a while, throughout the summer and then the recent months since I haven’t had any skin dryness to deal with so the lotions have kind of just been sitting there.

Now that the baby is here and we are in late October and the weather is getting dryer again I figured my aversion to most scents is gone now so when my skin got dry today after doing some housework I went ahead and used the lotion on my hands after washing them and then I sat down to nurse my baby and found that when I bring my fingers next to her face to kind of assist her latch she would pull her face away! This happened multiple times and so it seems to me that she does not enjoy the scent of the lotion!

Just something to keep in mind if you find your baby bouncing away from your boob and kind of looking a little bit annoyed at nursing take a peek at what you’re the soap is that you’re using or the lotion because it might be annoying to baby some food for thought and if I find a lotion that is less abrasive in scent and my baby is a little bit more time tolerant toward it, I’ll be sure to share.

Let me know if anything similar happened to you!

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