LAZYSISTER | Review: CoTZ Face Natural Skin Tone Sunscreen
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Review: CoTZ Face Natural Skin Tone Sunscreen

CoTZ Face Sunscreen

Review: CoTZ Face Natural Skin Tone Sunscreen

Recently I discovered a great product called CoTZ Face Natural Skin Tone SPF 40 Sunscreen.


This is NOT a paid advertisement.

I order a lot from and they usually include a couple of free samples with each order. In one of my recent orders, one of the samples was CoTZ Face Natural Skin Tone SPF 40 Sunscreen. I’ve never heard of the company CoTZ before this sample and was ready to dismiss the sample as something useless thrown in the box for the purpose of promotion. But I decided to keep the sample and threw it into my medicine cabinet, knowing hot summer days were just around the corner, and extra sunscreen can’t hurt.

Just a few days later, one of those dreadfully hot days descended upon NYC, and rather than reach for the sunblock in my cabinet from last year, I decided to give CoTZ a go. To my pleasant surprise, the sunscreen had a slight tint to it, which is pretty awesome, considering regular makeup, if you want to wear any, will just melt off of your face on a day like this. To an even bigger surprise, the sunscreen went on my skin completely matte, with not even a glimpse of grease, which is typically expected from sunscreen.

I wore CoTZ all day, and my face didn’t get a bit shiny and my skin retained the matte look throughout the day. The packaging says that it is a make-up primer, and layers great under makeup, however, I found just wearing the primer on its own over my lotion looks and feels great on a hot summer day.


To test how CoTZ works against my regular sunblock, I applied both to my face at the same time. Shown below is my regular sunblock on the left side of the picture, and CoTZ on the right side. Immediately after applying the sunscreens, you can see a dramatic difference in texture and color. A couple of minutes later, the difference in color becomes slightly subsided, however the shine on the left side still persists. And finally, 5 minutes later, the skin is still shiny on the left side, and the right has a nice matte and tan tint.


pablo (11)

pablo (12)

The verdict:

CoTZ Face sunscreen is my go-to for the summer. I ordered a full sized tube almost immediately. It’s excellent because it has a tint, it lays on the skin as matte, stays that way all day, is not greasy whatsoever, and is SPF40 which is necessary for the face which gets the most exposure from sun rays when you’re out and about. CoTZ is also 100% of chemicals and preservatives, chemical sunscreens, oils, fragrances, parabens, PABA, gluten, & phthalates. It’s also mineral based and is less likely to clog pores than typical sunscreens.

As a side note, I love ordering from as they are partnered with ShopRunner, and with my Amex card, I have free ShopRunner membership which provides free two-day delivery from a slew of merchants including

CoTZ Face Sunscreen

CoTZ Face Sunscreen

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